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Print Studio. Gives you to print photographs from Instagrama by means of picture literature, pictures in casings, posters, handmade cards, magnets, clothes. Prices start at $ 10.

Books if you ask me. The service creates a photobook on a monthly basis or every three months, with all the current photographs you have added during this time period. each photobook can contain from 20-320 images, a monthly membership for using the web site is $ 24.

Reelagram. You may choose 7 photographs and generate a film spin from them. You'll pay $ 29.95 for this.

Boomf. Prints photographs on sweets. Actually. Prices start at $ 25 for 9 images, but delivery is free worldwide.

Past Reserve. Another service for producing photos, prices begin from 19 us dollars for 24 webpages. Free delivery all around the globe.

Inselly. Gives you to market products via your Instagram accounts. Just label the image with the hashtag: #inselly. Obligations are created via Paypal.

Soldsie. All you need to do is put in a "Sold" comment, so the application automatically exchanges an individual to the shopping container.
Like2buy. Converts some images into something gallery on the market. If an individual likes the image, it is automatically used in the product webpage that permits purchase.
Saving photos

Instaport. Easily save photographs from your Instagram bill on your computer's hard drive. You save all photographs immediately, or small your selection with the addition of date.

IFTTT. Automatically save photographs from Instagrama to Yahoo Drive or any other safe-keeping medium you select.

InstaSave for Google android. Saving photographs on Google android devices. After replicating the hyperlink to the photography. the application begins downloading automatically.
InstaSave for iOS. Download photographs or videos from Instagram on the telephone. The application will not require logging in, all you need to do is type in the Link of the photography or video.

Somewhere. The very best images from confirmed location. Searching by specific location given for the photography or as detailed.
InstaMessage. An software for iOS which allows you to speak to Instagrama users who are near by.

Insta Revert. Automatically turns articles from Instagram to tweets for Tweets. You could convert all photographs simultaneously or use the hashtag #t to choose individual photos.

Insta Battle. Challenge for photographs. Enter the brands of two accounts on Instagram, compare their photographs and choose the best. The success is chosen after assessing 7 photos.

Likecreeper. The application form adds an programmed fondness to 1 of the old photographs of someone from friends and family on Instagram.

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Utwórz nowy wątek Odpowiedz w wątku  [ Posty: 1 ] 

Strefa czasowa: UTC + 1

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